The Best Wild Swimming Spots in Lincolnshire

With an abundance of cultural cities, picturesque countryside, and inviting beaches, Lincolnshire is a paradise for open water swimmers. Whether you’re near the city of Lincoln or the east coast, there’s plenty of spots to explore. To help you get started, here's a list of the best wild swimming locations in this great county.

However, don't forget to be aware of potential hazards and know how to swim safely in open water before taking the plunge. 

Activities Away

Location: South Hykeham

Price: £10 one off membership

Swim course length: 200m & 800m

Supervised?: Yes

Located in South Hykeham, just a short distance from the city of Lincoln, is the Open Water Swimming Centre operated by Activities Away. This facility boasts a lake that is a mere quarter mile in length, but offers two swim circuits spanning distances of 200 meters and 800 meters, respectively. One of the most appealing features of this lake is the quality of its water, which is regularly tested and consistently scores at the highest level of "Excellent". This is due to the fact that the lake water is sourced solely from rainwater and groundwater, resulting in fresh and clean water.

In order to swim at this center, interested individuals must first purchase a membership. This requires a one-time payment of £10, unless a replacement membership card is needed, which will cost an additional £10. Once a membership card has been obtained, individuals are free to return to the Open Water Swimming Centre to swim every year without having to renew their membership. There is no requirement for an induction, but coaching sessions are available for those who feel they could benefit from them.

Ocean Walker

Location: Langton By Wragby

Price: £11.50

Supervised?: Yes

Requirements: Bright coloured swim cap & swim goggles

This particular lake, covering an area of 7 acres, is believed to have therapeutic properties as it is constructed on top of calcite crystals. It is open for wild swimming throughout the year. During the summer months, an induction is not compulsory but it is recommended. However, if you wish to swim in this lake during the winter season (from October to March), a cold water induction is mandatory.

This venue caters to open water swimmers of all abilities. If you are a beginner, lacking confidence or simply looking to enhance your swimming skills, the lake has shallower areas that are ideal for you. On the other hand, if you are an experienced swimmer and want to venture out into deeper waters for recreational swimming or training for an event, this lake provides ample opportunity for that as well. Regardless of your level of expertise, it is mandatory to book your swimming session in advance at this venue.

Tallington Lakes

Location: Tallington

Price: £7

Swim course length: 750m

Requirements: Tow float/bag

From its spring-fed, 205 acre lake nestled in South Lincolnshire near the Cambridgeshire border, Tallington Lakes offers an ideal destination for swimming. You can take part in their weekly all-year-round swimming sessions and enjoy a safe and peaceful 750m circuit swim, with the added bonus of also being able to participate in other watersports. Before you jump right in, make sure to bring your tow float or dry bag so you can safely and comfortably enjoy your swim.


With more than 50 miles of the Lincolnshire coastline to explore, you can pick from a variety of idyllic beaches perfect for swimming. Whether sandy or pebbly, bustling or serene, and with lifeguard supervision or not; you're sure to find the perfect spot to enjoy a dip in the sea. With its crystalline waters and freshness, swimming along this beautiful coast will be as refreshing as it is memorable.

Here are some of our favourites for outdoor swimming along the Lincolnshire coastal area:


Skegness Beach enjoys the safety of lifeguards and lush golden sand, making it the perfect place for holiday-makers to enjoy the beach. Its stunning location just adds to its popularity.


Cleethorpes Beach is the perfect destination for families and holiday-makers looking to take advantage of a lifeguarded sandy beach.

Chapel St Leonards

Chapel St Leonards is the only beach here that has both sand and shingle. If you prefer a quieter swim, this may be the ideal spot for you – just bear in mind that there won't be a lifeguard on duty.


Sutton-on-Sea is a great alternative if you're looking for a more peaceful beach experience. This blue flag beach shares many similarities to Skegness and Cleethorpes it's sandy, there's a lifeguard on duty but tends to be much quieter and therefore ideal if you want some distance from the holiday makers.


If you're looking for an exciting holiday destination, Ingoldmells is it. But due to the lack of a lifeguard, parents should be aware that swimming here is not advised if they are travelling with children. The beach can get quite crowded too, so bear this in mind when making your plans.

Moggs Eye

If you're seeking a tranquil spot to take a dip, Moggs Eye (also known as Huttoft Beach) is the perfect destination. This sandy beach between Chapel St Leonards and Sutton-on-Sea offers stunning scenery for wild swimmers - though it goes without say that only experienced open water swimmers should make use of this beach since there's no lifeguard on duty.


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